Averroha carambola

Averroha carambola

Averrhoa 1 reference stated in species plantarum 1st edition, volume 1 page(s) 428 bhl page id 358447 instance of first description (of a taxon) taxon common name carambola. Carambola or starfruit, is the fruit of averrhoa carambola, a species of tree native to the indonesia, philippines, malaysia, vietnam, nepal, india, bangladesh, sri. Averrhoa carambola family: oxalidaceae carambola, starfruit, five-finger, balimbing origin: south east asia season: august - march small symetrical tree. 21- description + the plant averrhoa carambola is an attractive, small, slow-growing evergreen tree with a short-trunk or a shrub. Averrhoa carambola is a species of tree in the family oxalidaceae it has a number of common names, including carambola and starfruit this evergreen tree is native.

Averrhoa carambola is a small, evergreen, multistemmed tree 3-5 m high or rarely 10 m high, attaining 15 cm diameter at the base bark light brown, smooth or finely fissured leaves. A curious, attractive fruit of the oxalidaceae, the carambola, averrhoa carambola l, has traveled sufficiently to have acquired a number of regional names in. Star fruit ‘maher dwarf’ (averrhoa carambola) this easy-to-grow fruiting tree will flower and fruit once it reaches a height of 1 1/2-2', often within the. Bahasa indonesia: belimbing bahasa melayu: belimbing besi čeština: karambola dansk: karambol deutsch: sternfrucht english: carambola français: carambolier.

Carambola averrhoa carambola l oxalidaceae common names: carambola, starfruit related species: bilimbi (averrhoa bilimbi l) origin: the carambola is believed to. Classification of averrhoa carambola scientific name: averrhoa carambola common name: star fruit domain - eukarya. The carambola or star fruit is an unique and flavorful fruit the fruit's flavor ranges from very sour to mildly sweetish and tastes something like a mix of apple. Averrhoa carambola l common name: carambola, star fruit family: oxalidaceae rbr country of origin: believed to have originated in sri lanka and the moluccas. Find great deals on ebay for averrhoa carambola and carambola seed shop with confidence.

Averroha carambola

Cultivation of carambola or starfruit (averrhoa carambola) carambola characteristics carambola edible properties carambola cultivation carambola recipes tropical fruits how to grow. A carambola is a small, fruit-bearing tree possibly native to the old world tropics that has been widely cultivated for its edible fruits despite.

  • A tree species native of southern asia, averrhoa carambola the fruit of this tree, more commonly known as star fruit translations tree finnish: karambola fruit — see star fruit french.
  • Scientific name: averrhoa carambola l family: oxalidaceae origin: fruit tree native of the asian tropics it is believed it comes from indonesia.
  • Averrhoa carambola seeds (star fruit, carambola) - plant world seeds this very well-known and distinctive fruit has ridges running down its sides, usually five but sometimes more, its.
  • The carambola or star fruit has five golden wings that reveal a star-shaped pattern when cut crosswise.
  • Sweet star fruit, averrhoa carambola – carambola is a short trunked tree with broad bushy numerous branches the leaves are medium-green, oval shaped, long and smooth on top and fuzzy below.

Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about star fruit (averrhoa carambola) supplied by member gardeners in the plantfiles database at dave's garden. Noteworthy characteristics averrhoa carambola, commonly called star fruit is a small, slow-growing, short-trunked tropical tree that probably originated in malaysia, indonesia and southern. Sweet star fruit, averrhoa carambola – carambola is a short trunked tree with broad bushy numerous branches the leaves are medium-green, oval shaped, long and. Gardeners are increasingly interested in growing exotic fruits, and star fruit (averrhoa carambola l) is one exciting optioncharacteristics also called carambola, star fruit is native to. This shopping feature will continue to load items in order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading.

Averroha carambola
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